A tuckpointer works with the installation, maintenance and repair of masonry structures and road surfaces.  If you live in a brick home, tuckpointing can make it more energy efficient and eco friendly by replacing your brick mortar. Tuckpointing removes eroded mortar from the bed and head joints on buildings, monuments, chimneys and other brick or block structures in order to prevent waterproofing problems caused by aging and damaged mortar joints.  Hiring a tuckpointer to do this help prevent structural damage.

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Whether you are in need of complete home tuckpointing, spot tuckpointing, or chimney tuckpointing and repair, patio tuckpointing, or stone foundation repair, contact a certified tuckpointer today. The best way to find a quality tuckpointer is to contact your local Brick Layer Union Hall or local Masonry Institute.

Most people just assume that because their fireplace is working, it will continue to do so without maintenance. However, it’s very important to hire a St. Louis chimney sweep to do periodic cleaning and maintenance on your chimney. For more information about hiring a chimney sweep, check out the following info provided. Did you know that when a chimney is blocked it can cause fires? Whether there is something flammable in your chimney or the fire is swept out of the fireplace, it’s important to keep your chimney clean and well maintained to reduce the risk of a dangerous fire. Most of the time a St. Louis chimney sweep will also be able to tell you where to find useful tools and safety items such as grating for your fireplace, recommend a safer fuel for your fireplace or even let you know if your chimney needs actual maintenance such as reinforcing or replacing stones.

The Importance of Hiring a St. Louis Chimney Sweep

A Clear Path for Smoke – Another thing you’re probably expecting your chimney to do is to provide a clear path for smoke to escape your home. If there’s a little more smoke in your home then you would like, it might be because your chimney needs cleaning. All sorts of things including the particles in smoke (soot) can build up in your chimney to narrow and block the passageway.

Chimney Sweep Resources

Chimney Safety Institute of America

Prevent Buildup of Gasses – If your chimney is blocked then dangerous gasses including carbon monoxide can build up inside your home. If there is smoke inside of your home then there is also carbon monoxide. However, you won’t necessarily always have smoke if there is carbon monoxide. Usually the best idea is to keep your chimney clean to prevent problems.

Remove Dangerous Blockages – Anything from a birds nest to built-up soot could be blocking your chimney and a chimney sweep will know what to do about it. Did you know that cracked tiles, branches, flakes of rust and stone, dirt and other debris can all lodge themselves inside of your furnace? If those materials are flammable then you have a doubly large problem if they catch fire.

Finally, remember that a good chimney sweep in St. Louis will be licensed by the NFPA. (National Fire Prevention Association) If you want to hire a chimney sweep in St. Louis make sure that they are licensed, professional and have the necessary tools and skills to get the job done right. A good chimney sweep will be trained to evaluate your chimney in order to remove any possible blockage or danger.

A chimney sweep can help to keep your fireplace safe. Why take risks when a regular cleaning will prevent most problems from ever happening? While there is no rule as to how often you should have your chimney inspected and cleaned, your chimney sweep should be able to give you a time schedule based on the wood you use, your area and any local problems such as birds nesting or etc. They can also inspect your chimney based on its age and condition in order to monitor problems and etc.